Passion is the key to success, and who cannot be passionate about the beauty of the Western Cape with its majestic mountain ranges, glorious coastline, fauna and flora and its people?

Established in 2006, specialising in selling country and coastal properties – primarily lifestyle properties - can only be described as a journey of discovery. Getting to know the hidden valleys where the weary can unwind and 'get away from it all' has become a superb - and never dull - lifestyle in itself.

Since listing that first treasured smallholding 'on top of the world' (Piket-Bo-Berg), I sold an incredible range of properties. From enchanted sanctuaries surrounded by the majesty of the Cederberg mountains, to some of the last remaining tracts of land on our breathtaking False Bay Coastline. I have come to know the awe-inspiring peace and splendour of Banghoek, and the unadulterated charm and equanimity of the Overberg and its people. What a joy to offer my Country portfolio to buyers!

My education in property sales was 'in the field' and scholastic.

In the field: Since 2002 before and after formal training.

Formal training: Apart from having obtained the Certified Credentials specified hereunder (2002), I was privileged to have attended an intensive, seven day training course presented by the late Pat Leonard - undeniably the best trainer in the field - then and now (passed the exam as top student).

Certified credentials: CEA, MIEA, AUCTIONEER.

No tuition was required for 'skills' such as service, integrity and attention to detail.

While with the group Rawson properties under the unsurpassed leadership of Bill Rawson (2002 – 2006), I was also the fortunate recipient of a variety of corporate rewards, Awards and ongoing specialised training. This together with a strong legal background made me the successful, erudite and confident Sole Proprietor I am, and have been since 2006.

Once the Property episode of my life ends, and I stroll away to my much desired mountain retreat or lifestyle farm, I shall write a book entitled; The Life, Times, Tears and Laughter of an Estate Agent. While non-fiction, it may read like fiction to some, and will have chapters of out-and-out suspense, drama, life skills acquired, values reinforced and character building ...

Until then, Country & Coastal Properties will remain at your service - with enthusiasm, a wealth of experience, integrity and a smile!